Otto’s cheesecake phenomenon started in 1990, when he made a cake for his mom for Mother’s Day.  After taking a cheesecake to a potluck and getting eight orders on the spot, the rest is history!  The cheesecake was ordered from JoAnne at Java Java, and was then sold in restaurants and cafes, at punk rock shows and large events like Hawaii’s Big Mele, and directly ordered by customers.  In the 1990s, the first commercial for Otto’s cheesecakes was released on Radio Free Hawaii, and was actually voted on as a top-10 song.  Due to high demand, and after Otto’s cheesecakes were available in specialty coffee shops and art houses, the original OttoCake Bakery opened near the Honolulu airport in 1996…. and even served as a venue for local underground punk rock shows.  OttoCake is now located in Honolulu’s Kaimuki neighborhood.

Owner and baker Otto makes all of his cheesecakes from scratch.  He has developed over 286 flavors; up to 9 flavors are available in the bakery each day.

In addition to his delicious cheesecakes, OttoCake also sells carrot cake, coffee cake, brownies, milkshakes (lilikoi, chocolate espresso, and pumpkin [seasonal]), OttoChocolate, and cheesecake sandwiches — all handmade from scratch.

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