Q:  What days is OttoCake open?  
A:  Our bakery is open seven days a week, including holidays (except Christmas Day and New Years Day).

Q:  Where can I park when I come to OttoCake?
A:  We have a parking stall available for customers, located to the right of the bakery’s front door.

Q:  How many flavors of cheesecake do you make?
A:  There are 286 OttoCake flavors; we carry up to nine different flavors in the bakery on any given day.

Q:  Does OttoCake sell whole cheesecakes?
A:  Yes!  We sell 6″ cakes (approx. 12 slices) for $20; 8″ cakes (approx. 16 slices) for $40; and 10″ cakes (approx. 16 slices) for $65.

Q:  Can I special order a whole cheesecake?
A:  Yes! Please place a special order at least four days in advance by texting your order to (808) 834-OTTO [6886].

Q:  What forms of payment does OttoCake accept?
A:  Our bakery only accepts cash.

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